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  • Comment by: Heidi Lunsford
    on: April 21, 2014 at: 4:43 am

    Is there any information on the success of thyroid cancer being helped by the change in diet. The only treatments I have seen are for surgery and radiation pills.

  • Comment by: Linda Malloy
    on: October 7, 2014 at: 1:41 pm

    The word is out that men who eat two 1/2 cup servings
    of RAW broccoli with cottage cheese, per week, have a 40% less risk of bladder cancer.

    This is such an easy thing to keep available in the refrigerator.
    I have bladder cancer with recurring outbreaks and have
    begun this regimen. Flax seed is often recommended with cottage cheese, but some people are not supposed to have
    omega 3s. (You need a Berkeley Heart Lab test to see if you are one of them.)